Options and Trading

The Rational Investor – This is my trusted platform for learning professional trading strategies. Recommended by DavinciJ15 – a crypto pioneer who famously advised buying at least one Bitcoin for $1 back in 2012. His second-best recommendation? Learn to trade via The Rational Investor. Thanks to these teachings, I have seen my investment grow more than 20 times over the cost of tuition.

Tastylive – My go-to source for financial news and education, particularly when it comes to selling option premium.

Tastytrade – Best trading platform for trading options or futures.

Passively Stack Bitcoin

Fold – Best Bitcoin rewards debit card and easiest way to stack Bitcoin from everyday purchases.  In less than four years since joining, we have received approximately $10k in Bitcoin rewards.

earned 35 million satoshis from using Fold card

Gemini – Bitcoin rewards credit card. We get back 1% in Bitcoin on each purchase, although you also have the option to receive rewards in other cryptocurrencies.

Strike – Passively dollar cost average Bitcoin; as little as $1 per day if you like.  In addition, Strike’s fees seem lower than many other competing platforms. 

Casa – Safely store your Bitcoin in an easy to use multi-signature wallet.

Bitcoin Mining

While Bitcoin mining with third-party providers form a significant part of my wealth-building strategy, potential risks (such as physical miner possession, downtime, and repair costs) need to be fully understood. There are, however, benefits to third-party hosting of miners, including lower electricity costs and less hassle.

Bitman Farm – We have a handful of miners hosted with Bitman Farm.  Uptime is solid, and they were one of the only hosts willing to take on our existing home-mining equipment (versus having to buy and host directly).  We moved our home mining operation to Bitman Farm because of our high residential cost of electricity.

Real Estate Crowd Funding

Fundrise – My favorite way to passively invest in high quality commercial real estate across the US and to still get the tax advantages of depreciation without the hassle of fixing toilets.  Start investing with as little as $10.

Podcasts and YouTube

Financial Samurai – The blog that convinced me to start my own personal finance blog.  Really detailed and insightful personal finance content.  Samurai also hosts an great podcast.

Compass Mining – In addition to providing Bitcoin mining host services, Compass has great Bitcoin educational content on YouTube and in articles.

Preston Pysh – Weekly YouTube episodes that discuss everything Bitcoin.

Radical Personal Finance – An advanced source for personal finance knowledge; this is perfect for anyone ready to level-up after grasping the basics of debt reduction.

The Ramsey Show – Dave Ramey’s daily show was instrumental in getting my mindset out of debt and to start living a different life.


The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey’s best seller started my journey to financial freedom.  I still utilize it as a reference guide when making decisions about everyday financial matters.  This book kick started my healthy relationship with finances.  As Dave says, “personal finance is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior”.

The Bitcoin Standard – Must read to further your grasp and appreciation of Bitcoin.

Not Nice – This book will help you establish healthy boundaries, crucial for personal clarity and financial freedom.

Buy This, Not That – great book by the Financial Samurai.  Insightful across many areas of our financial lives.  I refer to it frequently as a reference guide.

Services We Plan to Explore

Simplemining.io (Mining Bitcoin) – Their reputation for consistent miner uptime has piqued my interest, and I plan to explore hosting some miners with them.