How I Earned $10,000 Using Fold App

Ever heard of the Fold App? I’m here to share my journey of how I use this ingenious application (and debit card) to stack Bitcoin with my everyday purchases, turning pennies into thousands. In fact, I’ve earned a whopping $10,000 just by using this app for my regular shopping!

On my journey to financial independence, I’m always on the lookout for ways to earn, save, and grow my investments.  Fold is an integral part of my financial freedom strategy.

Getting Started with Fold App

If you’re new to Fold, signing up is a breeze. If you use my referral link to sign up, Fold will gift you a generous 20,000 Satoshis (0.0002 Bitcoin) to kickstart your journey. That’s already a win in my book!

Now, while there’s a free version of Fold available, I personally vouch for Spin+, which costs $100 annually to maximize returns. Why? Well, in the span of roughly 46 months since I jumped on the Fold bandwagon, I’ve managed to earn approximately 36.4 million Satoshis. That equates to ~$10,000 given the current price of Bitcoin.  Try out this handy Bitcoin Calculator to check the worth of your Bitcoin.

The Future of Bitcoin and Fold

Now, I’m no fortune teller; however, given past trends, I firmly believe during the next Bitcoin bull run, we will see Bitcoin test its previous all-time high of $69,000.  Click here to read more.  If that happens, the Bitcoin I’ve earned from Fold could easily surpass $25,000. Imagine that – my Fold rewards paying for a significant portion of my past purchases!

How I Use Fold: The Amazon Example

A significant chunk of my Fold rewards comes from Amazon purchases. Who doesn’t shop on Amazon? From cleaning supplies and toys for my kids to groceries from Whole Foods, I’ve been racking up the rewards.

Here’s a quick rundown of a recent $25 gift card purchase for Amazon:

Step 1: First things first, download the Fold app.  And then purchase the Amazon gift card via Fold.  Upon this purchase, I earn 2.5% back in Bitcoin.  In addition, each $10 purchase results in a spin on the Wheel for chances to earn even more Bitcoin, including a full Bitcoin!

For my $25 gift card purchase, I instantly earned 2.5% back (2,114 Satoshi or roughly $0.60 depending on Bitcoin’s price). Plus, I received some spins on the Wheel.

Amazon gift card purchase

Step 2: Copy the claim code into the Amazon app. Or select the Redeem Now button for faster processing.  It’s that simple.

Amazon gift card purchase

Step 3: Go back to the Fold app and spin the Wheel to earn some additional Bitcoin and for a chance to win a full Bitcoin.

Fold Spin Wheel

Other Benefits of Fold App

We have also started paying our hefty mortgage using using our Fold card through PayPal. There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but the rewards make it entirely worthwhile. By using this PayPal hack, I get 0.5% back for various bills like mortgage, rent, auto loans, student loans, phone, and utilities, etc. Just to give you an idea: for my monthly mortgage payment of $5,423, I earn back approximately $25 (or 89,847 Satoshis) plus a staggering 542 spins. That’s 542 chances to win more Bitcoin!

Step 1: First pay your utilities using PayPal (which is linked to the Fold debt card) and earn 0.5% back in Bitcoin.

pay utilities with Paypal

Step 2: Head over to the Fold app, and spin the Wheel for 542 chances to stack more Bitcoin!

Fold App spin wheel

Boosting My Earnings with Fold

Fold recently introduced Category Boosts, which give additional percentages back on certain categories. Currently, I get 2% back on rideshares & taxis and 1.5% on restaurant purchases.

And then there are Merchant Boosts. These are massive percentage kickbacks from popular stores without needing to buy a gift card. For instance, I enjoy 15% back from Disney+ and ESPN+, 3.8% from Starbucks, and even 2.3% back from the likes of Hulu and Netflix.

Merchant Boosts from Fold App

The best part is I can combine both Merchant and Category Boosts. So if I get 3.8% back at Starbucks and an additional 1.5% for it being a restaurant purchase, I’m looking at a 5.3% total reward on just one Starbucks buy!

Securing My Earnings

Lastly, each month, I transfer the Bitcoin I’ve earned from Fold into my cold wallet. It’s a simple step, but it ensures my earnings are safe and secure.

If you’re not on Fold yet, I’d say it’s about time. Sign up.  It’s been a transformative tool in my financial freedom journey, turning everyday purchases into sizable rewards. Why leave money on the table when you can fold it into your wallet?

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